Maddie McLeod Pippin

I started my career in the tile industry just over five years ago at Southeastern Tile. Since then, my fondness for design and specifically tile and stone has only grown. I really love that this job gives me the opportunity to help customers bring their dream kitchen or baths to life. You could say my passion is in renovation or restoration projects. When Iʼm not at Southeastern Tile, you can likely find my husband Jason and I working on our 1970ʼs ranch-style fixer-upper with our two pups, Sadie and Chewy, close by. I really enjoy problem-solving and reimagining existing spaces. Itʼs so rewarding to see a “before” and “after” of a space I had input on.


Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design from CFCC

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Favorite Tile Trend:

Personally, I have always gravitated to things that have more of an “artisan” or “hand-crafted” look to them, so Iʼm very excited to see current trends going more in that direction. At Coverings, our annual trade show, we saw many variations of hand molded subway tiles, patterned cement, and porcelain tiles, and carved relief tiles. All these different textures work to create a more layered and artistic look.


My favorite sources for tile inspiration actually come from Instagram these days. I love that you can follow along with all the traditional magazines like Southern Living, Traditional Home, Better Homes and Gardens, and MILIEU (and a lot of times see even more pictures than just in the magazines themselves), and at the same time can check out what other designers are doing in a very current way. I love that no matter what style you are searching, whether it be classic or timeless, or funky and eclectic, you can always find something inspiring. Pinterest can also be a great source if you are looking for something more specific.

What they do at SE Tile:

My job at Southeastern Tile is to work alongside the customer helping them to create the necessary function and desired aesthetic in their space. I think itʼs important to help my customers visualize their finished product. That may come in the form of a quick sketch of a shower wall, or it may mean borrowing samples to take home for a couple of days, but I think itʼs great for customers that our staff and showroom can provide that kind of support. Many times, we find ourselves acting as the liaison between the builder or contractor and the homeowner, so itʼs also important that we pay close attention and keep detailed notes on each interaction.

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